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Connecting Business


Well ……… ‘B’-side that brings about my experience and thoughts on the different aspects of ‘B’usiness.

Different seemingly disparate dot which connects to create a bigger (and often better) picture

Though aimed at start-ups and SMEs many of these actually apply to the bigger businesses as well. My blog posts and written around some of the key topics (categories) like –

Business Process– the bigger companies value this most probably because of compulsions , but it helps the smaller brothers too. Many clients/mentees/partners ask whether being driven by process helps? I say ‘yes’ as ┬áprocess orientation does not guarantee your success , but absence of it increases your risk of failure. And then I say ‘no’ if you become the slave of the process. Hence there is always a sweet spot in between..

Entrepreneurship– We all have been one without realising that, in whatever small way we would have been. Whether it was to organise a FEST in your college , or selling this great idea to your clients. Its just some of us never thought the same can be a way of life. Call it the best or worst – there is never any right way to become an entrepreneur , neither a right time . It just happens. Or you make it happen.

Financial Management– Big or small all companies has to face this necessary evil. If one has to ask me what is one of the common cause which makes a company fail or struggle- its simple – ‘managing your money’. Contrary to the normal perception it is actually not a rocket science but just common sense. Yes- you read it right!

Fund Raising– I was just wondering whether I will call it investment or fund raising. Guess the latter makes sense as I was still at the ‘receiving end’ . When I migrate to the ‘givers’ I will probably change this into Investment. Till then ….its just how and when to raise money! Debt as well as equity.


…..more to add as we go along!

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