Be ready to Invest in social media – it is organic but Not Free

Invest in Social Media

You must wonder why you should hire agencies or freelancers for maintaining your activities in social media?

Be it curation , tracking competition, researching for contents, posting them and amplifying them . And responding to comments and queries. Is it not a handful. If you can do it on your own , please go ahead. Many bloggers do . Some of my clients tried to do that – either because they were cash-strapped or thought of spending the money into something more “worthwhile”. Or just for the fun of it. But after sometime it lost steam as there were other pressing issues  in their business or cause.  And that’s when you will want to hire agency/freelancer. Or even an employee.

Let me give you the example of Twitter where your post hardly stays there on the top for more than an hour (may be even less) . So what do you do ? You keep posting, retweeting , commenting et al through out the day. Else you twitter handle becomes stale. And in case you have your followers and their networks commenting it would be a bad “twitequete” not to respond. If not by the minute but within a reasonable period of time. Of course there are social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Scoop which helps in research, curation, posting and amplifying to different degrees. They will automate and reduce the effort. But they cant make it zero .

Got the point?

If you are serious , spend time and money on social media. Yes mostly social media gives you an ‘organic’ growth if done in the right way- but by no means they are free. You need to invest in somebody else , or do it yourself- and your time is also money.

So how much time should you spend. It depends . It will take another blog to tell about the time to be spend. And on what you spend it on.

What do you think – would love to hear if you still think otherwise with some of your personal anecdotes!

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