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Elements of digital marketing


Often we struggle with the array of different options to tap into the unlimited potential of internet. Social Media, Search engines, blogs and other such vectors have their own ways of working. And how it works depends on the different nuances of a situation and industry.

I have learned it the hard way, getting my hands dirty from the days I co-founded PrepGenie where we had to target students in different countries sitting in an office in Kolkata, India.

Many a time it was frustrating. But then sometimes had the Eureka moments!

In this section I have tried to share my experience and learning in the last few years in the ever evolving world of digital marketing.

The key segments I tried to put them in –

Social Media– Harnessing the different channels like Facebook, Linked In , Twitter et al to generate awareness, build audience and engage and (at a later date) convert and talk about you.

SEO– The confusing , seemingly easy but painful way to tell the search engines to get traffic my way- in the ‘right’ way. There is always a catch up game and pre-empting what is good for a search engine going forward.

SEM– The world of PPCs and other clickable ads – mostly democratic but very dynamic where you see a direct result (mostly) of the money you spends.

Affiliate– Using the different channels to generate brand awareness and leads for your business. Not often so transparent but for some business it is something it cant do without.

Web Analytics–  ‘if you don’t measure you don’t improve’ – or something like that. True every where , even in digital marketing. Google Analytics , Facebook Insight and their likes open up a wonderful world of slicing and dicing data and make  a more focused approach to enhancing your digital footprint.

…….will be adding more/reclassifying as we go along

Hope you will be able to tailor some of those nuggets into actionable insights for your business.

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