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I make digital marketing work for you

My suite of offerings caters to organisations across industries and stages of growth. Initially, a discovery call helps us get a feel for each other – I understand your context, challenges and goals, while you get a handle on my knowledge, experience and working style. If we sense a good fit, we can have detailed conversations to figure out exactly how I can push you up the growth path.

I can support you in a few specific ways.


This works best for you if you believe you or your small team need just directional guidance, and that you can implement things on your own. You learn the digital marketing frameworks and strategies, modify them to your own context and implement them. With me by your side to guide you. This can be group coaching or a personalised one for your business. Usually ranging from 5 to 10 weeks.

Digital Marketing Coaching


If you have a digitally savvy marketing team and are willing to stay a bit more invested in the process, I can help you work on a larger canvas of digital marketing – from search to social, process to analytics-driven optimisation. All of it centred around the content-audience match. I will also help you get your digital marketing execution right over a period of one year.


If you want your team to quickly learn certain aspects of digital marketing, such as content marketing, social media, web analytics, paid marketing and SEO, this model works best. Based on my training need analysis, my customised learning workshops help you up your digital marketing game in the areas that matter to you.

Online Courses & Workshops

Coming soon! These are standard courses and workshops on the most common areas of digital marketing and cater to a universal need. These are born out of my experience, and will quickly upgrade your knowledge & skills as a digital marketer. Through these courses, you will understand the nuances of digital marketing and learn to apply them. And I will be your guide all through.

What you can expect from me

My starting point is always to understand your goals, challenges and resources. Apart from a deep knowledge of digital marketing tools and techniques, 

these are what I bring to my work:

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