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Are you ready to propel your career in digital marketing? The Right way.

Digital marketing is an ever expanding and evolving field. It may be overwhelming, but the fundamentals remain the same. With this internship you will go deep and wide into different facets of digital marketing with me. Learn by working on my projects hands on and grow your professional capability

Me and my team are committed to make you acquire skills and apply them to solve real business challenges.

The core principles and the process are important for what I deliver to my clients. .You will need to understand the context while applying any of the digital marketing techniques like SEO, paid ads, content and inbound marketing, email marketing and analytics. You will be challenged and encouraged to go out of your comfort zone while working or real projects with me. In this internship I am committed to give you those nuances which you can only get through practise.

What we want in you


You are always curious

Be it content, campaign or community building you should be always curious to know the consumer, their journey and how data can help you.


You are continuously learning

Even after 12 years I feel there is a lot to learn. Be it platforms, algorithms, what works , what others are doing - many such things. You will be expected to do the same


You are constantly improving

It's OK to fail. You should be bold enough to make logical and researched suggestions. You fail, you learn and you improve with me. And get the job done


If you are the one described above..

…then Join us. Fill in the details and we will get in touch with you