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Build trust before lead generation
Summary: Don't push your product or service without earning trust.

Whether you are running a search campaign or paid campaign- paid don’t burn all you money in pushing your product or service. Yah, I know you love your product or service. But your target audience does not care. She may not even relate to it. As she fully does not understand the potentially. And credibility (if you are new startup) . So don’t put all eggs in one basket.

Lets say you have a budget of $1000. Instead of burning the full money in running lead gen push campaign , reallocate some for the initial reach (and traffic) , some more for conversion and rest for re targeting (assuming she has already interacted with your web elements). You need all three. Test out with the creatives for three kinds of the above actions. Segment the audience and see what works . But mind you awareness campaign KPIs are very different than conversion KPIs.

Build trust 1st. Why should she buy from you? Is your price giving the value that it should give? Once you build the trust by some giveaway materials you can inch towards conversion. Unless she disappears from the face of the earth — I am not joking — it happens.

Originally published at on April 12, 2018.

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